This page contains Frequently-Asked-Questions about or support model and how to use our ticketing/support system.

For questions and documentation about our products please go click here to go to our help website 

FAQ1 : User / password issues

Background :

Promenta will set up and manage your user id. Your user id is provided to your organization as part of the initial contractual setup. If you do not have a contract with Promenta (or an on-going POC project) you will not be granted access. 

Lost user id/password :

Please contact Promenta at and we will be happy to reset passwords and deal with other logon issues.

Additional user ids:

Sometimes large and distributed organizations require multiple user ids on the Promenta system. This will be done on request by Promenta by contacting

FAQ2 : How to raise a new ticket

To raise a new ticket please follow the steps below :

  1. Click the “submit ticket” link in the menu above
  2. Logon with your provided user id/password
  3. complete the fields :
  • Ticket type : Choose “Customer issue”
  • Subject : Enter a subject. Please include which system it applies to (eg production, QA etc)
  • Description : Please enter as much detail as possible. In most cases Promenta does not have any access to your systems and so we rely on you to provide all the information. 
  • Attachment : Please create a word/powerpoint document and add in any relevant screenshots. Then upload in the attachments section.

4. Click the submit button

After submission Promenta will be alerted and begin work. 

Don’t forget to check back for updates as you will not be informed by automatic notifications (this is due to GDPR restrictions)

FAQ3 : How to view current tickets

To review exiting tickets please follow these steps :

  1. Click the “my tickets” link in the menu above
  2. Logon with your provided user id/password
  3. You will see a list of tickets for your organization and their current status. If you have multiple users in your organization you will still see all the tickets for your organization regardless of who created or last changed them.
  4. Click any ticket title to view the detail, comments and any attachments

FAQ4 : How to reply / send more info to Promenta

To reply to a ticket – open the “my tickets” application as per FAQ3

Please add your reply and upload any additional attachments

Click  the “reply” button.

Promenta will be automatically informed of your update

FAQ5 : How to download software from Promenta

You are a BASIS team member and have received a Promenta delivery note.

The note will normally contain the link to the ticket and may also contain direct links to the files to be downloaded

You will need to log on to the system using your provided user/password. Contact Promenta if you do not have these.

You can also see a list of all downloads that have been assigned to you using the “my tickets” option [See FAQ3].

Note that the ticket type for software download will be “Delivery : Promenta use only”.

Download all the ZIP and other files contained in the delivery note ticket